Welcome to A McClure Organization. We're a small group of people on a shared GNU/Linux server providing a non-commercial space on an otherwise very corporate Internet, with a growing focus on free (as in freedom) software and resources. Running on a small VPS, currently powers some utilities such as a web server (nginx), mail server (postfix), a DNS nameserver (bind9), and other services, including some user-made projects. Additionally, users may also publish content on their web directories if they wish to do so.


Users and projects

Other info

Most content on is provided by it's users, and not by the server owner. Comments should be addressed to the site/project owners in the first instance. Email addresses here are <>. Usernames may be found in URLs that use the following format: http(s):// If there is a problem that is not resolved by the site owner, please contact

Project pages hosted here use the same email format: <>, and project web pages will also use the same web directory format as users. Project pages will specify the directory is for a project, and list the participating member(s). Emails to project addresses are automatically forwarded to all project members. Please note that small projects do not get dedicated email addresses or web directories.

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