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About me: My name is Anton McClure, and I'm studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Akron. I am experienced in system administration, technical support, software development, and web development. During my free time I enjoy coding in Python, BASH, PHP, et cetera, working on projects with friends, gaming, chatting on IRC and Discord, and more.

About this server: This server is located in RamNode's Alblasserdam, NL datacenter, and is used for a web server, email server, ns1 for a personal DNS name server that powers my domains (as well as domains for some friends), a discord bot, and some other things.

About this site: I'm not a big fan of complicated web sites. You'll find this one is quite simple, and very light in terms of CSS. I might eventually add a dark theme to the site, but for the time being there's only searchlight mode. For a quick intro, the 2 above sections should be able to cover that. I might write more here later. More or less, this site just has stuff on it.

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Email is recommended. I don't usually just respond to any random person's DMs, but I'll probably read and respond to yours. Do with that as you will.